SKAWinspection offers - There are no limits

SKAWinspection offers

- There are no limits


The sworn weigher, measurer & sampler of skagen

Since 1999, SKAWINSPECTION, previously Weigher, Measurer & Sampler of Skagen, has been performing a wide range of different inspection services, and today the company has a central location in Skagen Harbour.

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We offer accredited inspection services and more

SKAWINSPECTION’s inspection area is mainly local, in Skagen and Hanstholm, but we’re ready to operate all over Denmark. All inspections performed are recorded by our professional, competent inspectors. This helps to underline our professionalism and full impartiality in every respect.

SKAWINSPECTION has developed its professional skills and optimised its procedures over many years to match the individual inspection tasks. On receipt of a written, detailed order, SKAWINSPECTION is ready to look after your interests.