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SKAWINSPECTION performs accredited inspections

SKAWINSPECTION has been accredited for inspections under the DS/EN ISO/IEC 17020 standard by the Danish accreditation institute DANAK.


SKAWINSPEECTION’s accredited services:

Weighing: Among others we primalery performe wheiging procedures on weighbridge, batchscales and beltscales. Its not an obstacle to use the clients own scale as long as the weighing instrument meets a minimum af requirements e.g. Official Calibration certificate and provabel official marks.
gatet er kundeejet, blot det opfylder minimumskravene for anvendelse imellem køber og sælger (I henhold til gyldige Bekendgørelser 591 & 592 pr. D. 29.05.2018)

Measuring: Temperatures taken in fresh and frozen fish. Temperatures taken in liquid fluids e.g. Fishoil and Gasoil. Ullage measurements for quantity determination.

Sampling: Fresh and frozen fish. Fishmeal. Fishoil and other liquid fluids with the exeption of water.

Inspection: Physical inspection of vessel bulk, vessel tanks, seacontainers and trucks based on the following criterias: Clean, dry and foreign odors.

Tally: Physical registration of any kind of commidities when loading and unloading. Comparison is normally performed against official invoices and delivery notes.

An accredited inspection service by SKAWINSPECTION ensures that the client has:

– impartial and independent delivery of services

– delivery in accordance with our own quality control system with written procedures

– a service with internal quality control – a service provider regularly checked by DANAK

– a service performed by professional, skilful and experienced employees – 100% reliable data

– delivery when it suits the client – documentation of the service in an inspection report with DANAK’s logo

– inspection reports which are valid throughout the EU and in large parts of the rest of the world

SKAWINSPECTION is the impartial intermediary between buyer and seller.

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