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SKAWINSPECTION offers inspection services

Since 1999, SKAWINSPECTION, previously Weigher, Measurer & Sampler of Skagen, has been performing a wide range of different inspection services, and today the company has a central location in Skagen Harbour. In 2015, we’ve expanded our activities by establishing a branch in Hanstholm. Our office offers a direct view of Skagen Roadstead, where thousands of ships call into port every year. Our daily place of work is of course Skagen Harbour and Roadstead, and our inspectors are able to get to Skagen Roadstead on very short notice.

SKAWINSPECTION’s inspection area is mainly local, in Skagen and Hanstholm, but we’re ready to operate all over Denmark. All inspections performed are recorded by our professional, competent inspectors. This helps to underline our professionalism and full impartiality in every respect.

There are no limits….

SKAWINSPECTION has developed its professional skills and optimised its procedures over many years to match the individual inspection tasks. On receipt of a written, detailed order, SKAWINSPECTION is ready to look after your interests. In some cases and sometimes against national regulations you may need an accredited inspection. As described below SKAWINSPECTION provide a wide range of accredited srvices.

SKAWINSPECTION’s accredited services includes:

Weighing on weighbridge, batchscales, beltscales and a variety of tablescales.
• Measurements of Ullage for determination of quantity calculations. Temperature measurements of fresh and frozen fish. Temperature measurements of liquied substanses.
Sampling of fresh and frozen fish. Fishmeal and other feeding commodities . Liquied substances with the exeption of water
• Physical inspection e.g seacontainers, vessel tanks, vessel loading compartments and truck trailers. Clean, Dry and neutral odor.
Tally registration connected to e.g loading- and unloading from vessels. PSI before going in trailers or seacontainers.

SKAWINSPECTION’s non-accredtied services e.g

• Draft survey
• Bunker survey
• ATP målinger for kontrol af hygiejne i bla. fødevareindustrien
• Desinficering- og bekæmpelse af skadedyr i lagerfaciliteter, containere og private hjem. Udføres med godkendte midler og instrumenter.

An inspection performed by SKAWINSPECTION guarantees:

• Consistent services which closely follow written and proved procedures.
• Documented independence
• Validity in large parts of the world, including EU
• Professional knowledge and experience
• Internal quality control of accredited services performed by a registered auditor
• Regular control of all accredtied procedures and competences provided by DANAK – The Danish Accreditation Institution.

SKAWINSPECTION is registred by the international trading associations FOSFA and GAFTA.

SKAWINSPECTION is a member of the Association of Weighers and Measurers in Denmark / Uni-Inspection
accredited for inspection in accordance with DS/EN ISO/IEC 17020.

SKAWINSPECTION is the impartial intermediary between buyer and seller.

Skawinspection brochure

Read and watch our phycial brochure with accredited and non-accredited services

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